The Technology is Proven

The Economics are Sound



is Urgent

It’s time to tap the clean and abundant supply of solar energy.  DH&enerGy partners with leading renewable energy contractors and financial institutions to finance, develop, construct, own, operate and maintain solar electric generating facilities.  Our 18-years of experience in leveraging complicated local, state and federal incentive programs helps bring the desire for renewable energy into reality.  As an independent power producer, DH&enerGy sells electricity under long-term contracts with utility companies and government agencies.  DH&enerGy also markets Renewable Energy Credits, known as Green Tags, which allows utilities to meet Renewable Portfolio Standards and company’s to offset and reduce their Carbon Footprint.

Our long track record of comprehensive financing and development enables us to efficiently bring clean and sustainable energy to market.  We are also committed to helping build the green economy of the communities we serve.

DH&enerGy is currently seeking investors interested in leveraging the marketing opportunity, including facility naming rights and Green Tags of our utility-scale solar energy facility under development in Central Oregon.  Please contact us for more information.